The National Skills Commission (NSC) provides trusted and independent intelligence on Australia’s future education, skills and jobs.

National Skills Commission (NSC)

Led by the National Skills Commissioner, Adam Boyton, the NSC will provide high quality advice on Australia’s labour market, future workforce changes and current and emerging skills needs.

We’re taking a bigger picture view and consider: 

  • How movements in the labour market will impact jobs in the future
  • The impact labour market developments are having on the long-term unemployed, youth and the underemployed, at an industry, occupation and regional level.

Our work also supports the National Careers Institute in helping people make informed decisions about learning, training and work pathways.

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Looking forward

Over the next 12 months, the NSC will:

  • build on its initial research to develop an in-depth understanding of current and future labour market conditions and skills needs
  • use traditional and new data sources and techniques such big data and machine learning approaches, as well as more traditional economic and skills analysis.
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Matching skills and jobs

Jobs Education and Data Infrastructure (JEDI) is a flagship NSC project. It will deliver world-leading intelligence on skills needs by:

  • harnessing the best and widest range of labour market, skills and education data available
  • identifying what skills from a person’s current or previous employment can transfer to different jobs that use similar skills
  • identifying skill gaps between the different jobs recommended before showing VET courses available to fill the gap. 
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Building a better VET system

Australia’s current, emerging and future workforce skills needs will rely on a high performing VET system. The NSC will help ensure:

  • The pricing of VET qualifications reflects quality training
  • Training promotes quality teaching and creates job ready candidates.
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